EXOS experience

From 2015 to present, I have had the joy and the privilege of working with a wonderful team of professionals at the EXOS facility located in Gulf Breeze, FL.


“EXOS is a human performance company that helps people reach higher and achieve more.”

The FL-Massage Team consists of my most cherished peers, who have provided me with great knowledge and confidence in the field of massage therapy.   Also contributing to my knowledge, were the Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Nutrition team members.  And lastly, the people that I have met through the years.  Both tactical military members, and professional football players, have provided me with challenges and physical experiences that I would have never considered part of my career field unless I had experienced it myself.  Below are some of the clients that I’ll never forget.


Chris Conley, Kansas City Chiefs, NFL


Ryan Kelly, Indianapolis Colts, NFL

Damian Orslene

Chief Master Sgt. Damian Orslene, Paralympic Discus and Shotput Thrower


Richie Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL


Ishmael Zamora, Oakland Raiders, NFL


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