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Meet Shaunna LeMasters, self-employed Licensed Massage Therapist.  Shaunna proudly received her massage license in October 2012, passing the national board exam.  She began providing in home massages, while successfully managing a well known retail pharmacy.  Over a year later, it was decided that the work was too much to handle.

She terminated the job, and began work as a full time massage therapist.

“I wanted to find a job where I could relax while my customer benefited from that as well.”  Shaunna mentions, “I had no idea how versatile the world of massage was, until I experienced it first hand.”  Shaunna has worked with patients in a chiropractic facility, dealing with injuries of motor vehicle accidents and structural issues.  And also with EXOS (formerly Athletes’ Performance) working with elite athletes, and tactical individuals.   “My most favorite location is my office, relaxed and away from the stress.”

With the knowledge of various modalities, Shaunna treats clients experiencing anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, muscle pain and stress due to daily lifestyle habits and sporting activities.  Shaunna has also worked with several ladies throughout their entire pregnancy with positive results of decreased tension, anxiety and a more relaxed lifestyle. Shaunna is a board member of the local chapter Florida State Massage Therapy Association and insured with the American Massage Therapy Association.  Catering to large groups, marketing at local events and referring with in the massage and health care community are strengths that make up Shaunna’s professionalism.

I am fortunate enough to be accepting referrals only at this time from my exclusive client list, as well as booking in advance. Call me today! (850)586-2200


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